Sifael S. In Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Scotland

Hi, I'm Sifael

A few years ago, I started collecting snippets of code and concepts on analytics projects that I used infrequently but would need to call upon in the future.

A few friends and colleagues also found it useful enough to warrant the effort to design a more accessible and structured repository. This is how programmingnotes started.

Programming Notes is a collection of concepts, code snippets, and implementation of specific coding problems that I have used in the past and will likely use in the future.

Over time, I began developing structured tutorials on things I was learning, found interesting, or not easily available on the web for my specific use cases.

Much of my work has been in Python, R and SQL, and in particular, using these tools for analysis. You will find this evident in the content.

If you find the material as a useful reference and/or learning tool, that's great. Feel free to let me know at: