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Hi! I'm Sifael Ndandala.

Currently, I work for Facebook as a Technical Associate. (I know and it's okay, I also don't really know what that means.)

Before Facebook, I used to work as a Data Scientist in the digital advertising space. Much of my time was spent building time series forecasting models and using their outputs to optimize allocation on ad spend. This work is now behind me. It was excited while it lasted.

Over the past few years, I have worked on various data science and programming projects. My work has varied over the years and I have found that I almost always need to referrence some code I wrote 6 months ago for a specific portion of the project I am working on now. To make life easier for myself, I decided to build this site.

This website is a collection of the tools, techniques and implementations of specific code that I have used in the past and will likely use in the future. Much of this work is not structured so that it is accessible to those interested in using it but I mostly wrote this stuff for me.

Much of my work is in Python, R, and SQL and in particular, I find myself interested in building Shiny Apps, games and Data Science work.

If you do find this content useful for learning and/or as a reference for implementation of these concepts, that's great. Feel free to let me know at: